Using Multiple Gemfiles

August 23, 2013

One of the major benefits of Bundler is being able to checkout a project and install its Gem dependencies using the bundle command. However, Gems that are only used locally shouldn’t be added to the Gemfile because they unnecessarily alter Gem dependencies and in some cases create conflicts with project Gems.

I wanted users to be able to easily install my project’s toolchain without creating conflicts so I decided to create a separate Gemfile named

source ''

gem 'chef'
gem 'vagrant', '~>1.0.7'
gem 'knife-solo'

To install the Gems from this file you need to run

bundle install --gemfile

This will install the Gems and create a new file called

Finally to use the bundle exec command with the new you run bundle exec ...

I find this to be a bit cumbersome so the other option is to install the Gems with binstubs

bundle install --gemfile --binstubs

Then you can access your gems through your project’s bin directory


By creating two separate Gemfiles I was able to harness the power of Bundler while keeping my project and toolchain Gems separate.

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