How to Get Started Building Mobile Apps With Meteor

August 22, 2014

Meteor with Cordova

[Newer Version] Quick Meteor Mobile App Tutorial

Meteor recently announced the ability to create mobile apps for iOS and Android using Cordova. This short guide will show you how to get up and running quickly.

To build an app for iOS first you will need to install the latest version of Xcode.

If you want to build an app for Android you will need to install the Android SDK. The Android Environment will be installed by Meteor during the build process so there is no need to manually set it up.

If you don’t have Meteor installed first open a terminal window and run

curl | /bin/sh

Create a project called MobileTest in the current directory

meteor create MobileTest
cd MobileTest

Upgrade the Meteor project to use the Cordova Preview build

meteor update --release CORDOVA-PREVIEW@3

Then add the package required to build an iOS app

meteor add-platform ios

Finally run the app on the iOS simulator

meteor run ios

To build the app for Android you will first need to install the Android Platform (which is currently about 322MB)

meteor add-platform android

Then you can run the app in the Android Emulator

meteor run android

If you have any questions or feedback please share in the comment!

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